Photo credit: Saul Bromberger and Sandra Hoover

Photo credit: Saul Bromberger and Sandra Hoover

Hi, I'm Emily. 

I’ve trained helper monkeys, skated in the roller derby as Beaver Knievel and challenged a top-ranked competitive eater in a spinach-eating contest, but no adventure compares to being a writer.

My career started in journalism. As a reporter for several New England newspapers, I covered breaking news, education, local politics and civil court. Working as a journalist gave me the opportunity to write about everything from teen body piercing to Chinese adoption policy.

I bring an investigative, storytelling approach to my work, which includes copywriting, content marketing and communications consulting. I help my clients tell fascinating stories and share information in new ways. I launched a news website for healthcare professionals working in nursing homes, and developed and contributed to Youth Radio’s Generation Invincible series on health care reform for young adults. I’ve also served as a communications consultant for top technology and financial services companies. Please check out my portfolio to see more of my work. 

Today, I write about health, technology and much more. I love exploring complex, technical and personal subjects, then explaining them with simple, memorable language.